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The Co-op has launched its savings stamp scheme for 2014

The Co-operative Group has launched its 2014 savings stamps scheme.

The scheme, originally launched last year and protected by a trust fund, allows shoppers to save each week to help spread the cost of Christmas.

Sales of the £1 savings stamps soared 40% in 2013, the society said.

Under the scheme, shoppers can buy £1 stamps throughout the year. Anyone redeeming a full book of 48 stamps will receive £50. The stamps can be redeemed at any time during the year.

The Co-op backed the launch with new research that found the average shopper over-spent by £305.30 at Christmas.

Some 64% of shoppers claimed they ran out of disposable cash in January, and 70% said they had found January a struggle financially.

“As a responsible retailer, we are keen to help our customers manage their budgets, and our saving stamps scheme is a simple and effective way to help put money aside throughout the year to help spread the cost of Christmas,” said Co-op Group customer director Andrew Mann.

“Sales of saving stamps rose by 40% in 2013, and we are expecting our saving scheme to be just as popular this year, as customers adopt a prudent approach to managing their money and start saving now January is out of the way.”