Good With Food has been The Co-operative Group’s strapline for six years. Delivered in the dulcet tones of Scottish actor John Hannah, the strapline has had a good run, but the society is now mulling possible alternatives.

This is no surprise. Having recently made a major move into banking via its acquisition of 632 Lloyds branches, it needs a generic strapline that will enable it to push other areas of its business as well as (or perhaps rather than) food, which has slipped in recent months.

‘Here For You For Life’ and ‘You And Us’ are two phrases it has recently trademarked. The former has a good ring to it and sums up what The Co-op Group is about at the moment. ‘Here’ emphasises the community values, ‘For You’ its noncorporate, owned-by-members approach, and ‘For Life’, the fact that its huge portfolio of businesses cover practically everything you’ll need in life - and death for that matter.

Finding a strapline that covers banking, food, travel and funerals is a tough ask, but crucial for the society to show the public that it is not good with food.