Goodlife Foods blocks The Co-op's 'Good Life' trademark bid

The Co-op applied for the trademark in December

Goodlife Foods, which owns veggie brand Create a Good Life, has opposed The Co-operative Group’s application to trademark the name ‘The Co-operative Good Life’.

The Co-op applied for the trademark last December to replace its healthy eating ranges Healthy Choice and Naturally Healthy. The 80-strong range went into stores in April and includes products such as Singapore Noodles, Jamaican Jerk Chicken & Rice and Fruit Platter.

The application was published by the Intellectual Property Office and has now been opposed by Goodlife. Goodlife registered ‘Good Life’ in June 1976 and in 1987. It also trademarked ‘Create a Good Life’ in October 2011.

According to the IPO, the opposition is now “awaiting defence”.

Goodlife has listings for two products with The Co-op. Although a spokesman said it had opposed The Co-op’s trademark because it “believes that this conflicts with our Goodlife trademark registration”, both Goodlife and The Co-op said they had an “established trading relationship”. In a joint statement, they added: “We are in discussions with a view to resolving the matter amicably.”