Masterfoods is to roll out a £6m advertising red carpet to welcome the new Crispy variant which joined its M&M's stable this week. The newcomer ­ which has a crunchy rice centre ­ adds to the Chocolate and Peanut versions targeting young adults and the Minis format appealing more to children. TV ads featuring regular brand characters Red and Yellow kick off on July 1 and run for six weeks. Focusing on the new version's crunchiness, the ads show the boys on a camping trip, where Yellow mistakes Red's loud munching for the sound of an approaching predator. The company predicted that 84% of 16 to 34-year-olds would see the ad more than six times. Outdoor ads will support the TV showing, while the company claimed sampling would reach two million people. Trade relations spokeswoman Sam McElligott, described M&M's Crispy as a "key launch" for Masterfoods and said it was already a hit in the US and elsewhere in Europe. The 62-year-old brand's newest recruit comes in Standard (rsp: 35p) Handy (79p) and Large bags (£1.35). {{P&P }}