Dairy isn’t really scary, right? We all know the anti-dairy myths spread by campaigners don’t reflect the reality of British dairy farming. We know our farms have some of the highest welfare standards in the world, and that good milk can only come from well-treated cows. We also know natural milk-based products are packed full of nutrients and goodness that plant-based alternatives can only dream of.

But shoppers don’t. According to our exclusive consumer research by Harris Interactive, almost a quarter of Brits are considering cutting back on dairy for health, environmental and animal welfare reasons. And while only a few people are ditching dairy altogether and going vegan, more and more consumers are embracing a flexitarian approach and swapping out some of the milk, butter, cheese and cream in their diet for plant-based products.

So as the campaign against dairy becomes louder, it is more important than ever for the dairy industry to take a proactive stance and start shouting about why dairy products deserve a place in the nation’s chillers. Which is why we have brought together industry leaders - and a crisis comms expert -to share their thoughts on exactly how the industry should be fighting back against the animal welfare and health myths being spread about dairy.

As Brexit approaches, bringing with it the potential for new trade deals with countries outside the EU, we also need to do more to explain to shoppers why they should keep buying British. The UK produces more than 700 cheeses, with artisan skills to rival the best the Continent has to offer, and the highest quality and welfare standards, but sales are stagnating as shoppers opt for cheeses from across the Channel.

So this year, we challenged creative agency Haygarth to come up with a fun, innovative campaign to celebrate British Cheese and encourage consumers to discover the delights our nation has to offer.

It’s time to fight back. We know why British dairy is great, so let’s make sure everyone else does.