Generic milk marketing needs a makeover. So, as part of our Dairymen 2016 action plan for British dairy, we challenged creative agency RPM to come up with a campaign fit for the 21st century. The result was Milk Does Good, a revolutionary multichannel campaign that sets the record straight on milk and creates new reasons for people to believe in it. To find out more, we visited them at their HQ in London’s Shepherd’s Bush.

For all of the debate over cows milk and wellbeing, there is a goodness about the white stuff that is undeniable. It contains vital nutrients and minerals, it’s good for children’s growth, for energy and recovery. It’s good for British farming. Milk Does Good is all about reminding people of these forgotten truths, as well as finding new ways for milk to give back to communities.

“This campaign is about taking milk, finding the truths that are undeniable, and then taking them and spreading them through the world in the most exciting way possible,” says Tim Jones, RPM creative director.

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