Pure fruit juice is the largest sector in this market with a 55% share, which is growing at a faster rate than juice drinks in both value and volume. The greatest growth has come from one-shot juice/juice drinks, which have increased by 18.3% in value to reach a 22% share of the market. Juice drinks have increased in value by 4% but declined by 3% in the number of litres sold. Own label makes up nearly 63% of the market volume, dominating the pure juice sector with an 81% share. Its share of juice drinks is much lower at 34%, although this is rapidly increasing. Branded juice drinks are declining by 17.4%, but own label growth compensates for most of this. Pure juice brands are driving the pure juice sector growth, particularly in value terms, with manufacturers such as Tropicana advertising the benefits of premium not-from-concentrate juices. In contrast to pure juices, one-shot juice/ juice drinks are dominated by brands (73% volume share), which have driven the big increases seen in this sector. The top brand in this market (excluding own label) is Tropicana, followed by Ocean Spray. Each has grown in value since last year. Sunny Delight has lost value and is now the third largest brand. Del Monte and Capri Sun also appear in the top five brands. Tesco has the largest share of trade in this market (a higher share than its share of total packaged grocery). It has, however, lost share over the past year by 1.1% The major movement in terms of retailer share growth is Asda, which increased its share by 1.7% to 13.8% of the total market in March 2002. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}