Punjana: blue is the colour The tea market has never been particularly innovative in terms of new product development. The most exciting thing to have happened is changes in the size and shape of the bags. But shape doesn't matter, according to Ross Thompson, joint md of Punjana Tea ­ it's content that really counts. He says the brand's aim is simply to be the best on the market by paying more for the leaf. It is not just up against the likes of PG Tips and Tetley ­ there is also formidable opposition from local rival Nambarrie. Punjana has always invested heavily in brand support ­ ever since its TV debut 45 years ago when it appeared on the first evening's viewing of commercial TV in the province. Back then it used the strapline Pick Punjana Tea'. Now, with the more competitive retail climate in Northern Ireland, the brand is beginning to make its mark across the water on the mainland, with the help of SHS Sales and Marketing (GB). Punjana has redesigned the packaging with a stronger blue logo to help it stand out from the predominantly red packaging on the tea shelves, and it is already making significant headway in Scotland where it has listings in the major multiples and recently ran a radio advertising campaign. Punjana Tea currently has a 4% share in Scotland, making it the fourth biggest seller with an ambition to achieve 10% in the next few years. However, Thompson feels England will be a much harder pot to boil. "We're not perceived in Northern Ireland to be a local brand," he says. "We've got where we are on merit, so by implication we can do the same thing elsewhere. Once people try us, they like us, so it's our challenge to make sure we get that message across and to break down the Who the hell is Punjana?' barriers." {{ SUPPLEMENTS }}