Milking the market for all it's worth Arla's most famous inherited brand has to be Lurpak. The spreadable variant has brought a growing number of younger consumers back from margarine to the dairy fixture, according to business unit controller Simon Eyles. "Spreadables are bringing consumers back to the butter sector. They are especially popular with shoppers who demand the convenience of a spreadable because of their busy lifestyles, but who want the taste and quality of butter." The brand ­ butter and spreadable ­ has topped £100m, joining the fmcg premier league. But Eyles is not happy for it to rest there. In addition to TV, there is an extensive sampling campaign to support the brand which runs until October. Meanwhile, following last year's successful test marketing of Cravendale branded milk (left) on the south coast, the product is being rolled out to Central, Granada, Yorkshire, Tyne Tees and Border over the next few months. The wider distribution to nearly half the UK population is being supported with a £5m budget and a further £20m has been pledged for the next four years. Senior brand manager Matthew Wilson says: "Consumers had virtually no choice when it came to buying milk from the supermarket. All that was available to them was own label. "By introducing a branded milk to the market, we have brought diversity and choice to the sector. "Every other sector of the dairy fixutre has always had a multitude of product offerings. Up until now, milk has been the exception to the rule." {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}