Start-up OTY - Mark Rushmore Cofounder Suri

Mark Rushmore, co-founder of Suri, picks up the award

Winner: Suri

Sustainable Rituals – or Suri for short – is on a mission to radically transform oral care. It wants to stop four billion toothbrushes being dumped in landfills or, even worse, ending up in our oceans every year.

The brand’s sustainable electric toothbrushes, made from aluminium, can be repaired rather than thrown away.

Meanwhile, the brush heads are made from plant-based materials and can be returned in pre-paid compostable packages for recycling.

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Founders Mark Rushmore and Gyve Safavi launched the brand in May 2022 after spending more than a decade in the personal care industry. They’ve already achieved B Corp status and expanded from DTC into retail with listings in Selfridges and Boots in the UK.

Suri has so far sold 150,000 brushes, which promise to be a lifetime choice for eco-conscious consumers.


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