Waste Not Want Not

(L-R) Kate Brookes-Smith, Charlotte Hill and Richard Smith, all of the Felix Project

Winner: The Felix Project: The Felix Project x HE Hall & Son

When Kent-based farmer Peter Hall was faced with having to pull up all his fruit trees due to falling profits – an abject situation many fruit & veg growers found themselves in last year – he knew his orchard deserved better.

Thankfully, London food charity The Felix Project took on the mission to rescue all of Hall’s plums, pears and apples and redistribute them to families in need.

The Felix Project has been carrying out farm rescues for years, but this was bigger than anything it had faced before, requiring months of preparation and the help of more than 1,000 volunteers. It also required support from Amazon on logistics to transport the fruit from Kent to London – meaning Felix didn’t have to use its own fleet and could continue its usual deliveries to charities and schools across the capital.

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Over a four-month period, the group rescued 105 tonnes of fruit that would otherwise have been left to rot. More than 71,000 people, helped by 600 charities, have instead been able to enjoy the farm’s fresh fruit. A further 30 tonnes of apples not suitable for eating were turned into 22,000 bottles of long-life juice distributed to Felix’s network.

The tale of this “lovely little project” highlights the struggles farmers face from sky-high costs and the plight of Brits struggling amid the cost of living crisis, but also the enterprise of The Felix Project and their amazing volunteers.


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