The red wine wizard of Oz Caxton Wines 8-10 Hampton Road Hounslow Middlesex TW3 1JL Tel: 020 8538 4500 Fax: 020 8538 4545 Key contacts Marketing manager Charles Marshall KEY BRANDS · Jacob's Creek Dry Riesling · Jacob's Creek Semillon Chardonnay · Jacob's Creek Chardonnay · Jacob's Creek Chardonnay Pinot Noir · Jacob's Creek Grenache Shiraz · Jacob's Creek Shiraz Cabernet · Jacob's Creek Cabernet Sauvignon With a spectacular 35% sales increase last year, Jacob's Creek has joined the elite Top 10 alcoholic drinks brands for the first time, consolidating its position as the UK's favourite wine. And its popularity is set to continue, according to brand marketing manager Charles Marshall: "As drinking wine has become more of an everyday occasion for many consumers, Jacob's Creek consistently over delivers on consumer expectations in terms of quality." And experts tend to agree. Judges at this year's International Wine & Spirit Challenge awarded Jacob's Creek an unprecedented number of silver medals and awards for its Limited Release and Reserve wines. Oz on favourite Among the thriving New World sector, Australian wines dominate with a 16.8% value share of the total light wines market. Marshall continues: "As the dynamic force in the Australian sector, Jacob's Creek intends to keep up the momentum. In just 13 years Jacob's Creek has gained a 17.5% share of the market and continues to be recognised as the signpost brand. With major initiatives being launched this autumn, this growth is set to continue." At every price point Australia is growing ahead of the market and Jacob's Creek, is set to capitalise on the consumer's romance with New World wines by introducing a premium red varietal in September. The introduction of the new Cabernet Sauvignon is designed to encourage consumers to trade up to quality red wines in the fast growing £5-£6 sector. With its full-bodied, rich style, complex flavour profile of cassis and mint overtones, Cabernet Sauvignon can be enjoyed alone or as an accompaniment to food, making it a true top drop in every respect. "This is a very exciting development for Jacob's Creek," says Marshall, who intends to use the premium qualities of Cabernet Sauvignon to increase the brand's presence in the dynamic red wine sector. On red alert "One of our key objectives is to make consumers realise that Jacob's Creek offers not only one but three superb red wines." To support the new wine offer, the company has developed one of the category's largest integrated marketing campaigns, including TV advertising, merchandising units ­ complete with the red range display and tasting notes ­ and an exclusively designed red wine glass promotion. The £1 million campaign will be rolled out this autumn, gathering momentum in the run-up to Christmas. Jacob's ladder Meanwhile, the brand continues to develop its association with high profile sporting occasions. Already the official Australian wine to the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis championships, this year it also enjoyed its first British Open, supplying St Andrew's. "The British Open, like Wimbledon, is a major part of our marketing strategy," says Marshall. "It delivers the right presence at top international sporting events and is enjoyed by millions around the world." The full monty The Jacob's Creek range consists of easy-drinking quality wines from £4.59 to £6.99, including Semillon/Chardonnay, Chardonnay, Dry Riesling, Grenache Shiraz and Shiraz Cabernet. In addition, its Sparkling Chardonnay/Pinot Noir won Supermarketing's Top Performer Award and achieved a 838% growth in its first year and a half of trading. Now available in both 70cl and magnum size, Jacob's Creek Sparkling is aimed at party animals and occasional drinkers alike. {{ZSUPPLEMENT }}