Purdey's Natural Energy Refocus Dark Fruits

Winner: Purdey’s Natural Energy Refocus Dark Fruits

The energy drinks category has been awash with innovation in the last year, as classic taurine-fuelled options have fallen foul of health concerns and paved the way for a new wave of health-conscious alternatives, that still gives a kick. Refocus by Purdey’s is a fantastic example of this kind of innovation done right. With a blend of dark fruits the drink is not only naturally caffeinated but contains guarana and b-vitamins, capturing the growth in consumers just as interested in mental as physical alertness. Delivering excellent value for money, a light refreshing taste and premium-feel packaging it ticks practically every box.

This energy drink by Purdey’s is fantastically executed. It gave a lovely mouth feel and a natural flavour that wasn’t overly sweet. Our judges felt it presented as a premium product with clear consumer benefits that stood out from other products. A great extension into dark fruits by the brand.


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