Worth Family Farms Braising Potatoes

Winner: Worth Family Farms Braising Potatoes

Lauded as universally delicious, these braising potatoes were a big hit with our judges. The potatoes are prepared on the brand’s own Lincolnshire Farm and dressed with garlic cloves and butter, ready to be braised in a rich chicken stock for the smoothest texture and a really unique end product, the equivalent of which is hard to find on the market. Currently sold in independent farm shops, since its launch in October 2021, the product satisfies that dual consumer trend for convenience in preparing evening meals, without having to sacrifice quality or provenance.


The judges loved these preprepared potatoes and fought over who got to finish the tray! Not only did they arrive soft and fluffy in the middle and lovely and crispy on the outside, these potatoes had a fantastic flavour. Cooked in chicken stock which infused into the potatoes, all the components together meant they felt they delivered good value for money.

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  • Aviko Super Crunch Julienne Fries
  • Mash Direct Curry Chips
  • Strong Roots Oven Baked Sweet Potato Fries

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