Winner – Kallø Veggie Cake Minis Spinach & Pesto 

These Veggie Cake Minis left our judges craving more. Designed in a handy on-the-go format, these snacks are HFSS compliant, high in protein and fibre, and come in at only 81kcal per pack, making them both healthy and convenient. Thankfully they’re also delicious too, with an aroma, taste and texture that proved a big hit all round.

Combining simple and clean ingredients with great nutritional credentials and functionality, the snack successfully ticks a number of boxes for consumers seeking out a healthier, all-natural alternative to crisps, but with the same flavour and crunch. Its short and “punchy” ingredient list was praised for providing shoppers with plenty of transparency on the healthiness of the product too. A premium pack elevated it even further, said judges, with “bright and strong” brand positioning that would help catch consumers’ attention. “A superb product with great flavour and great texture,” summed up one judge.

Highly commended: Jacob’s Mini Cheddars Crunchlets Rich & Tangy Cheddar 


  • Blanco Nino Ancient Grain Blue Corn Tortilla Chips
  • Kallo Veggie Cake Minis Beetroot and Balsamic
  • Kallo Veggie Cake Minis Caramelised Onion Chutney
  • Peperami Roasted Chicken Bites
  • Walkers Wotsits Crunchy Flamin’ Hot



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The Grocer’s New Product Awards 2022: value shines through among winners