Corona Cero

Winner – Corona Cero 

A well-executed extension by Corona into the booming low & no category, this alcohol-free beer had a “look, feel and aroma that was spot on”, said our judges. An appealing proposition to someone looking to cut back, it makes for a “well-rounded product” that backs up a strong taste and mouthfeel with clear communication on pack and good value. At 56kcal per 330ml bottle, it also speaks to consumers looking to reduce calories, accompanied by clear messaging to this effect on pack.

The beer is made with the same natural ingredients as the original, combining water, barley malt, maize and hops, and made using the classic brewing method too. The result is a drink that closely resembles a standard Corona, and complements the brand’s existing range. Its light and subtle taste may even convince those not typically drawn to beer, said our judges.


  • Bolle Oro



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