I wasn’t expecting much from Secret Eaters (8pm, C4, 20 June). It was, after all, presented by Anna “Davina-lite” Richardson.

But this really was jaw-droppingly, mind-numbingly, fact-shunningly bad. The blurb promised a “groundbreaking new series about the psychology and science of eating”. Groundbreaking, my arse. All that was done to try and work out why Ronnie and Stuart were apparently eating healthily yet piling on the pounds was to shove cameras all over their home, set a couple of private investigators on their tails and get their friends and colleagues to snitch on them.

Predictably, the focus was almost entirely on diet, the assumption being that they had to be lying about their intake - and lying big-style. Only they weren’t.

Yes, Ronnie was scoffing her healthy snacks in hefty portions and yes, when she wasn’t around, Stuart was partial to a cheeky ready meal for two, but neither was eating enough to even maintain their weight, let alone put it on. Nevertheless, they were put on strict diets. And guess what? They worked.

Unfortunately, so scant and simplistic had been the healthy-eating tips (“exercise or deep breathing is better than snacking” - who knew?), I was past the point of caring

And as for the laboured ‘investigation’ into whether the shape of the glass you drink from can affect your weight just because you tend to pour more liquid into short tumblers than tall thin glasses does not mean, as was ludicrously claimed, that if you drink from a tall glass you won’t get fat. Not that I won’t be making the switch!