If your dieting resolve has weakened of late, have no fear. As Obese: A Year to Save My Life (9pm, Sky1, 27 February) ended, so Supersize vs Superskinny (8pm, C4, 28 February) began, although why, oh why, was the focus almost entirely on food?

Exercise didn’t seem to figure in supersizer Helen’s weight loss plan, which is extraordinary - especially when according to Horizon: The Truth About Exercise (9pm, BBC2, 28 February), even a little bit can make a big difference. In fact, Michael Mosley discovered that you only need to do three minutes of intensive exercise a week - yes, three minutes - to improve your health. This was revelatory stuff.

Sadly, the same could not be said of The Food Inspectors (7.30pm, BBC2, 29 February), which made no secret of the fact that it was a spin on Rogue Traders, even featuring the same presenter, Matt Allwright. The investigation into bootleg booze wasn’t helped by the fact countless others have already covered the subject.

But the main problem was that the format depends on those inspected being out and out bad - and they weren’t. Indeed, they seemed to be victims more than anything, although the Indian restaurant manager didn’t cover himself in glory with his hilarious “Indian people don’t get e-coli because we cook at high temperatures” defence.

Unfortunately, that won’t be my main takeaway from the programme. That privilege goes to inspector Lisa’s play on the “from farm to fork” concept - apparently “in the industry”, they use the phrase “from turd to tongue”. Unnecessary!