It's great to find out The Grocer really can make a difference to smaller companies in the food and drink industry.

Two weeks ago we ran a story about a Jersey-based wine estate hoping to grow off-trade listings in the UK for its Jersey Cream Liqueur.

The La Mare Wine Estate said at the time that its innovative product, which marries the island's skills in both apple production and dairy to create a cream liqueur, excelled over similar cream-based products in the opinion of those who had tried it.

The description of the apple brandy-based cream liqueur certainly seemed to tantalise the tastebuds of plenty of those foodie journalists out there, judging by the response La Mare recorded since we published our article.

The company has apparently been inundated with enquiries about the product from food and drink publications, among them The Observer Food Monthly, The Guardian Food and Drink Supplement, our own sister publication Off Licence News and the website Ammo, as well as various other online marketing magazines and freelance journalists.

"We have also started selling the product through the website, and we hope that this will help us generate a following in the run up to Christmas," said a spokesman for the company.

"It was a great response to the piece in The Grocer," he added.