Honey Monster Foods (HMF) is adding a health-orientated kids cereal to its portfolio - the brand's first better-for-you product targeting kids.

Monster Rocks, available from next month priced £1.99, is made from wholegrain oats, maize flakes and crisp rice fused together with honey to form little clusters. It contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and each serving contains 10g of sugar - less than most pre-sweetened cereals, said Jane James, head of marketing at HMF, a division of the Big Bear Group, which acquired Sugar Puffs from PepsiCo in 2006.

The launch follows a Which! study last week that found some products marketed as children's cereals contained more sugar than a bowl of ice cream.

"Health is a significant motivator for parents at breakfast time, but so is value for money and knowing the product they buy will be eaten," said James.

An industry expert said that Monster Rocks would have to "fire on all cylinders - value and health but most importantly 'kid' taste appeal and acceptance" to dent the crowded market. "The product has the kid appeal of the brand, but whether the healthier claims amount to a hill of beans remains to be seen," said Don Williams of brand consultancy Pi Global.

HMF is also introducing its first-ever limited edition. Banana Puffs - natural wheat puffs glazed with banana-flavoured syrup - will be available through the summer, followed by a new edition every three months.

Monster Rocks is being supported by a £1m sampling campaign coinciding with the June launch.