Name: Paul Tripp
Job title: Managing director
Company name: Soreen
Sales: £19m
HQ: Manchester, Trafford Park
Number of employees: 150

What's it like to work for your company? It is an exciting time at Soreen as we're in the middle of a £6m two-year business transformation. The speed at which the business is growing means we've never been busier.

Why is it a good employer? The company is a business founded on the pride, commitment and love for the brand. We make decisions based on a balanced approach considering people, quality, service and profit.

What's the best thing about working there? There is a real passion for the Soreen brand and this gives the whole team a common purpose.

Does the company offer any unusual benefits? To encourage continuous improvement, we award monthly prizes for those helping us to excel; last month we sent three people to a Manchester United training day.

How does the company differ from its rivals? Soreen is an instantly recognisable brand that has a long heritage and a truly unique product offering. Everyone at Soreen has a stake in its future and the people in our business really can make a difference.

Is there a definable company culture? This is a team built on strong values. We encourage a collaborative style that enables everyone to have an input into the business

If the company were a car what would it be? Soreen would be the original Mini Cooper Sport as it's an iconic British brand that is small, sporty and a classic.

What's the training like? We are opening an on-site learning centre to encourage continued personal and professional development. Due to our long length of service much of our training is linked to individual staff development plans. This involves a blend of internal training and enrolment on external courses. For example, most recently we completed accredited lean manufacturing training.

What's your proudest achievement of the past 12 months? We've launched new products, significantly increased distribution, entered a major export channel, launched a new marketing campaign and recommissioned one of our bakeries and we're only half way through our strategic plan.

What is the most challenging HR issue you are dealing with at the moment? Managing the breadth and pace of change in our business and ensuring effective communication throughout this period.

Are you looking for any people right now? We are planning to further recruit a senior national account manager and a sales analyst. Additionally we will be recruiting within HR too.

How does one go about applying for a job? Email CVs to:

How do I find out more about the company? Visit and take a look at our new site and blog.