The long, flat, rolled-up strips of fruit-based confectionery were aimed squarely at six to 12-year-olds and were backed by a £6m launchpad including TV and magazine ads. The backing paper featured comic strip cartoons starring brand characters the Chewcat Gang, who represented the three flavours ­ Orange Blabber, Strawberry Sorbabe and Blackcurrant Booster. Sales According to Information Resources, Winders' sales in multiple grocers reached £13m for the year ending January 27, 2002. It values the total sugar confectionery market at £1.08bn for the same period. The company says "Real Fruit Winders has been a massive success and is our fastest-selling convenience brand ever from launch. In less than a year we have sold more than 100 million rolls. The brand is worth close to £20m at retail and has proved to be the success story we anticipated. It launched a whole new category within children's snacking and indeed, during 2001, Real Fruit Winders enjoyed a 20% share of voice within the highly competitive children's snacking market. "In 2002 we are set to scale even greater heights, with media support exceeding £3m including new television ads, and a major on-pack promotion scheduled for summer." {{P&P }}