Next week will see the World Pasta Day Party at The Windows on the World restaurant in the Park Lane Hilton Hotel, where awards for the Pasta Products of the Year for 2000 will be presented alongside prizes for the Best Young Pasta Cook, Pasta Book and Pasta Feature Article. The awards are organised by the UK pasta industry with backing from The Grocer, and sponsored by Buitoni, HL Foods, Pasta Foods, Allied Mills, Buhler, The Pasta Company, Pasta Reale and Princes. The shortlisted entries are: Dry New Pasta Products Category: Bags of Pasta; Carluccio's Tagliolini Tartufi; Enjoy Organic Pasta Range; Loyd Grossman Dry Pasta Range; Pasta La Bella; Somerfield Fresh Egg Dry Pasta Range; Tesco Finest Asparagus Ravioli; Tesco Finest Smoked Salmon & Lemon Ravioli; Tesco Finest Smoked Ham & Wine Ravioli; Waitrose Fresh Goats Cheese & Red Pesto Cappelletti. Wet New Pasta Products Category: Amy's Organic Vegetable Lasagne; Nutana Organic Vegetable Penne; Tesco Italian Takeaway; Ross Pasta Fasta; and Zest Range of Pestos. Canned Pasta Category: Baxters Organic Vegetable, Bean & Pasta Soup; Bob the Builder Pasta Shapes; HP Organic Spaghetti; Sainsbury's Be Good To Yourself Canned Pasta Range. Chilled/fresh Pasta Category: Asda Authentic Italian Egg Pasta; Fontaneto Fresh Pasta; Pasta Reale Festivale; Marks & Spencer Bolognese Pasta Shells; Marks & Spencer Delicatessen Lasagne; Tesco Finest Asparagus Ravioli; Tesco Finest Smoked Ham & Wine Ravioli; Tesco Finest Smoked Salmon & Lemon Ravioli. Pasta Sauces Category: Asda Fresh Tomato & Mascarpone and Carbonara Sauces; Barilla Pasta Sauces; Carluccio's Ragu Cinghiale Sauce; Classico Pasta Sauce; Loyd Grossman Smoky Bacon Pasta Sauce; Safeway Dolcelatte Sauce. Organic Pasta Category: Dellugo's Fresh Organic Ricotta Cheese and Spinach Tortelloni; La Terra E Il Cielo Range; Pasta Pals. {{NEWS }}