SALES SURE ARE SWELL A sign of the times is highlighted in Taylor Nelson Sofres' top five morning goods suppliers where Mothers Pride and Sunblest rubs shoulders with the likes of Sharwood's and Pride Valley's ethnic bread. Usage of ethnic bread has changed so dramatically that boundaries have now blurred, and it is just as likely to pop up in a lunchbox as it is mopping up sauces from an Indian meal. Pride Valley Foods says latest data from Taylor Nelson Sofres shows that 37% of all UK households [8.9 million] bought naan bread in 2001, an increase of 960,000 on the previous year. "Volume and distribution are a key driver of growth and naan bread sales continue to rise at a rate of 14% year-on-year. These positive figures are followed by flour tortillas growing at a rate of 26% and pitta bread at 2% year-on-year," says commercial director Stephen Paul. Companies such as Pride Valley recently introduced new technology and put a strong npd programme in place with its sights set on increasing its foothold in the lucrative flat bread sector. Meanwhile, flat bread specialist Honeytop Speciality Foods has announced plans to invest more than £1.7m in the extension of its production factility. It has just created the Flip Over, an innovative flat bread, baked ready folded forming a half-moon shaped pocket and ready for filling, in two flavours: mild herb and tomato. Aimed at consumers and sandwich makers, the company claims it's easy to handle and won't go soggy when filled. Mission Foods has responded to the flour tortilla and wrap sector's positive vibes, and will shortly launch a range of 10 inch deli wraps into the UK under the Wrapt brand with plans to roll it out into Europe later in the year. Sharwood's aims to build on its 60% share of the naan sector with the addition of a sharing size' ambient restaurant-style naan to its range. Called Feast Naan, the company claims it's big enough to share as it is twice the size of a standard naan. Individually finished by hand and then clay baked in a traditional Tandoor oven, it comes in two-packs which highlight the tear and share message. Rival Patak's is launching its first organic naan bread. Available from June, it will retail at £1.49 for a two-pack. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}