High-octane beverage brand Extreme Drinks has been given a vibrant makeover and has also swelled its ranks with a range of vitamin-enriched water drinks.

Aqua Vitamins is a blend of natural mineral water, health-boosting vitamins and fruit juices that will quench consumers' thirst with a clear conscience, according to the company.

Each drink provides 33% of the recommended daily allowance of B-complex vitamins that help the body break down carbohydrates and maintain healthy skin and hair. Available from next month, the clear drinks come in three varieties - Lemon Lime, Orange Passion and Raspberry - in 500ml plastic bottles. New packaging will feature across the company's existing energy drink canned lines Enduro, Chill and Energy, as well as its Aqua Still bottled water brand.

It aims to emphasise Extreme's roots in extreme sports and is based on a theme of discovery.

In a departure from the majority of products on the market, packs will carry arty illustrations of people pulling faces that reflect the functional positioning of each product. A 'No artificial anything' strapline on the packaging will also reinforce the brand's healthy positioning.

Samantha Dumont, creative director at brand agency Dragon, which developed the new design, said the new packaging reflected the brand's sporty image.

"We wanted to create packaging that played to its own rules and avoided category generics. The illustrations add life and energy to a dull aisle and truly reflect the nature of the Extreme Drinks brand."

Extreme Drinks has close links with extreme sports, such as kite surfing, free diving and ice climbing. The company sponsors sporting events throughout the world and even has its own sports channel on cable TV.

MD Anthony Lewis said: "Being called Extreme Drinks, we knew we had to be bold with our packaging revamp, and we're really happy with the result. I'm confident we'll achieve great standout. Style and function are our goals, as we create new drinks for 21st century consumers."