Shredded Wheat has been given a packaging revamp to put up a hearty, more united front on all its cereal packs.

The brand now features a large yellow heart-shaped logo on Original, Bitesize, Honey Nut, Fruitful and Triple Berry packs to increase shelf stand-out. It follows last week's announcement that Weetabix is overhauling its Ready Brek cereal to better stress the health credentials of porridge oats.

Marketing controller Gareth Helm said Shredded Wheat had strong heritage and iconic packaging. "The new packaging continues to embrace these qualities and clearly communicates the simplicity and naturalness of whole grain."

Cereal Partners has put together new 10 and 30-second ads to support the revamp, starting this week. Ian Botham is still the brand's ambassador and will sell a whole grain wheat for a healthy heart message.