Sir, So now we have a concentration camp for cows ('Super-Size My Farm', The Dairymen, 11 September).

For many years a battle was fought to stop battery cages for chicken. Always we were told the hen was perfectly happy, otherwise it would not lay. Now we are told cows are more comfortable in a concentration camp than feeling a little rain on their backs I bet they'd love sun on them though!

Furthermore, the cows must be happy because: look at all the milk they produce. Well, take a look at how old they are when exterminated. Not many lactations, no benefits of having a calf, no ordinary behaviour at all, in fact no life, really. These animals are being exploited in the name of efficiency. And what will become of that efficiency? Probably even lower milk prices, as we have seen over decades of efficiency.

We ran a commercial dairy unit and had many cows of 20 years old and more. They were given individuality and respect. We now run a beef suckler herd and the same principles apply.

Jill and Paul Britten, Whitewood Farm, Whitchurch, Bristol