n About one-fifth of all fruit consumption takes place at breakfast time.
n 57% of all dried fruit and 86% of all grapefruit is consumed at breakfast.
n Fruit is consumed at 17% of in-home snack occasions.
n 53% of all lunchboxes feature fruit. This breaks down further into 49% for adult males, 53% for adult females but only 36% for children, indicating that those children who bring lunches to school are being supplied with snacks and desserts other than fruits.
n Bananas are the leading home-consumed fruit, being eaten at over 1.7bn occasions in the year ending May 2002. Apples were second with 1.4bn occasions.
n Apples are the most popular lunchbox fruit, eaten on 685m occasions, ahead of bananas (549m occasions).
n Women are the main consumers of fruit in the home, accounting for 54% of all eating occasions. Men consume 32% and children 14%. In the lunchbox, however, men lead with 46% of all consumption, ahead of women on 33% and children on 21%.