Chile has been regarded as an emerging wine nation for some years, but the scale of its presence at the wine fair could be seen as a sign that it has finally arrived.

In 1991, the country discovered that much of its vine stock was not the Merlot
it had believed it to be but Carmenère, a variety imported from Bordeaux in the late 19th century, which is now looked on as virtually indigenous to Chile.

Vina La Rosa will exhibit three new Carmenère wines: La Palma 2003 (rsp: £4.99), La Capitana 2003 (£6.49-£6.99) and Don Reca 2003 (£9.99).

Another Chilean brand, 35 South from San Pedro, is branching out into Argentina, with a Malbec varietal produced by sister company Finca La Celia. The San Pedro will also have space dedicated to Vina Tabali which launched last September, and Vina Altair, which will be released in the UK later this year.

Another Chilean brand, Concha y Toro’s Trio, has been completely overhauled in time for the exhibition. Winemaker Ignacio Recabarren has created three tri-varietal wines and a Sauvignon Blanc made from grapes from three Casablancan vineyards.

The wines are set to retail in the £5.99 to £6.49 price bracket. The packaging has been redesigned too and bottles will carry a neck collar to explain the concept.

Vina Casa Silva is exhibiting its newly-launched Dona Domingo wines on the Lane & Tatham stand. The range comprises entry-level Old Vines wines at £4.99, single vineyard wines at £5.99, Reserva at £6.99 and Gran Reserva at £7.99. The Casa Silva range has six tiers and all the whites will be showing the new 2003 vintage.

Hatch Mansfield will unveil barrel samples of the new organic wine from Chilean producer Vina Errazuriz, and a new unoaked Chardonnay in the Errazuriz Estate line-up. There will also be a new vintage, the 2002, of La Cumbre Shiraz, the premium red.

Chileno Gold is a reserve tier added to the Chileno brand by PLB. Three varietal wines will retail at £5 to £6 a bottle, focusing on viticultural areas that are known for producing each type of grape.

Chateau Los Boldos will launch its Altitude £5.99 range.