Masterfoods is not forgetting its old favourites by bringing out a luxury Revels Easter egg alongside a variant of its new Galaxy Promises brand.
The company said Revels sales had doubled over the past five years, aided in
part by a recent TV ad campaign. The Revels Luxury Egg pack (rsp: £6.99) contains two tubes of Revels and a hollow chocolate egg. Masterfoods is also putting further weight behind its recently launched Galaxy Promises brand with a luxury pack (rsp: £6.99), containing a hollow chocolate egg and two large tablets of Galaxy Promises chocolate in Roast Hazelnut and Caramel Crunch flavours.
Trade relations manager Andrea Taylor said the chocolate shell egg market was down in 2005 but there were opportunities at the premium end.
Also new for Easter 2006 are ‘& Friends’ Egg packs, offering consumers four Masterfoods brands in one. The Mars & Friends Egg includes bars of Mars, Mars Delight, Snickers and Twix, while Maltesers & Friends contains bags of Maltesers, White Maltesers, Minstrels and Revels (rsp: £4.99).
A World of Maltesers project includes new packaging for its Easter eggs and 312g and 400g boxed Maltesers.