Lenor has launched a fabric conditioner which aims to make sheets smell sweet and help consumers sleep through progressive fragrance-release.
Lenor Sleep Sensations is the latest fabric conditioner variant from Procter & Gamble and contains natural extracts of lavender and camomile.
It has been created with the idea that everyone loves a freshly made bed and it promises long-lasting freshness.
Lenor Sleep Sensations comes in 750ml concentrate and one-litre bottles (rsp: £1.29 and 88p respectively), and joins the existing line up of Lenor Spring, Summer and Stayfresh.
It is targeted for use on all clothing, but especially bedding.
Paul Lettice, P&G’s trade marketing manager, said: “Sleep Sensations is the first product launched to deliver against a key emotional driver in the category and has strong consumer appeal.”
The product will get £4.6m of ad support, including TV.