The big news of 1999 continues to be big news in 2000. Gillette’s Mach3 has grown by 17.4% to give it annual sales of nearly £59m. Closest rival Wilkinson Sword sold £21m of razors and blades in the same period and new product launches such as the 3D Protector Diamond, or the Lynx triple blade razor, have some way to go before they threaten to topple the all-conquering Mach3. Bringing out a new Lynx bodyspray variant every year helps to keep the category and the brand (and presumably the user) fresh. But as people continue to buy older variants, retailers are beginning to stock a range of Lynx bodysprays. Toothpaste sales are down, partly because of EDLP and partly because of the shift towards small or compact head toothbrushes (using less paste). Otherwise the trend in toothpaste is towards whitening and gel variants, while premium priced battery-operated toothbrushes are emerging as the driving force in the toothbrush market. Haircare has been relatively quiet, with shampoo, conditioner and hairspray all declining year on year, although growth is coming from designer brands such as John Frieda. Alberto VO5 Advanced was relaunched to some success in the shampoo market and Neutrogena (+44%) and Clairol Herbal Essences (+22%) have also enjoyed strong growth since EDLP took effect. In conditioners, Alberto VO5 Advanced proved a real hit with sales of almost £7m in the year. Waxes, creams and gels are growing steadily and while Wella’s Shockwaves range is dominant, Brylcreem has also performed strongly. {{MARKETING }}