"I may buy another shop and sell the freehold of this one so I can make some money and then rent it out. I'd be sad to leave here, but it would make business sense." Now the chippie sale has gone through, he feels he can put his mind to converting to the Booker Premier fascia and hopes to have it in place in the next couple of months. Turnover is up to £24,000 a week (from £20,000 in November) ­ helped greatly by drinks and fresh produce, particularly Bambos's regular big display of melons. He's also just bought in his twice-yearly container of goods from Cyprus. He says: "I've still got a lot of business contacts there and do this every six months. This time I've got honey, sweets, brandy, bread sticks and barbecues. The items are usually very popular but I won't do any promotions or anything, I'll just slot it on the shelves." Always on the lookout for a bargain, Bambos also gets his carrier bags printed in Cyprus because it's cheaper. He's had great success with his Walkers crisps display. Sales doubled after the firm's reps used his store for a merchandising trial. He says: "They come every two weeks to help with the display and took out bad lines. It's great. I love reps and am happy for them to experiment." The fresh meat counter isn't selling as well as Bambos had hoped but he's going to persevere. Many of his staff are Greek or Turkish who like time off in July and August, so he's resigned to a holiday in October when he'll go out on his fishing boat. {{FEATURES }}