Beverage Brands is building up its business in the premium packaged spirits sector with the launch of Woody's Ice. The category is growing fast with new brands coming on to the market on a regular basis. But marketing manager Karen Salters claimed this latest collection will have the necessary point of difference and staying power. This conviction is based on the £800,000 launch package this year and recognition by the trade that Beverage Brands is in the sector for the long term and has successfully established WKD, VR and Woody's World of Cocktails. Salters said: "The category is hot and space is in demand. Products have to be special to get a place on the shelves. "But there are certain similarities to the alcopops culture and the category could suffer in the same way. "I expect there will soon have to be a shake out in the pps sector." The company has watched the phenomenal success of Smirnoff Ice ­ which is lemon flavoured ­ and the introduction of a lemon variant for bacardi Breezer. But for its own Ice range it has gone for blueberry, cranberry and orange. The 5.5% abv is derived from Vladivar vodka. "Lemon is the most popular flavour but we are offering a different spin," said Salters. This launch has led to some price revisions. Woody's is moving down from £1.09 to 99p per bottle to join the rest of the alcopops. Woody's Ice will retail at the lower end of the pps sector at £1.29 and the price of the Woody's Cocktail range will be £1.49. The company will be spending the £800,000 on generating trial and awareness for Woody's Ice through sampling promotions, multibuys and repeat purchase incentives. Salters claimed that so far the buyers had reacted well and listings agreements were in the final stages of negotiation. {{DRINKS }}