Premium puds brand Gü is launching an indulgent range of fresh chocolates which are kept in the fridge and is also considering moving into the ambient aisles.
The company hopes to appeal to Christmas shoppers with Gü Posh Liquid Caramel Chocs, available in Waitrose (rsp: £4.99) and Posh Fresh Mint Chocs, infused with fresh mint, which go on shelf at Waitrose, Sainsbury and Budgens, also at £4.99. Both are available in November and December.
Managing director James Averdieck said the company was thinking of moving into the ambient aisles to compete with the likes of Green and Black’s and Duchy Originals.
“We are about great tasting, restaurant quality chocolate puddings, but fresh chocolates are seasonal, and long-term we will look at whether we should have an offering in the chocolate aisles,” he said.
He said future new product development was likely to be based around a theme of everyday treats, along the lines of its chocolate shots.
Starlets, new from Haribo, have a crunchy sugar-coated shell with fruit flavour jelly inside. Starlets are a mix of seven fruity flavours and come in shelf-ready display units, each pack with an rsp of 35p.

Cheesemaker Butlers hopes to cash in on the trend for authentic traceable food with the launch of a lightly rinded premium farmhouse cheese. Real, which is made using milk from Lancashire cows, is rolling out to 16 Booths stores.

Stahly Quality Foods has launched Squbes sweets in six flavours while its Scottish-themed cousins, McSqubes, come in four flavours.
Launched by Fife-based Stahly Quality Foods, the newcomers come in brightly coloured boxes featuring cartoon characters.

Tic Tac has launched a limited edition cinnamon-flavoured Winter Warmer variety. Ferrero is putting £6m behind the Tic Tac brand over the next year and plans to run a national radio campaign this month featuring Winter Warmer.

Complan’s new product for a younger audience called Complan Active is an energy drink aimed at consumers aged 50-plus. The Complan range will be rebranded and repackaged, and ’70s dance group Pans People is being reformed to front a press campaign under the banner: “It’s not as easy as it was.”

TNS has asked us to point out that the TNS Superpanel Research Notes published in the Focus on Batteries feature (September 3, 2005) should have carried the caveat: “TNS Superpanel may under-represent specialist battery markets.” We are happy to make that clear.
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