Women's Fashion has experienced a period of growth that the parent sector, Women's Interest, has not. Publishers are showing increased confidence in the sector, as demonstrated by the planned launches of InStyle and Glamour. Titles recording the best performances include Company and She, with significant growth. Company's total ABC figure was 260,646, up 13.1% period on period, while She was up 6.5%, with a total of 213,216. Vogue maintained its 200,000 level for the eighth consecutive period, with a 2.9% rise on UK news stand and an ABC total of 202,694 ­ a 1.02% rise over the period. Cosmopolitan, the sector's highest seller at 460,086, rose 2.2%. Vanity Fair, New Woman and Elle also fared well. Vanity Fair's ABC total is 82,185, an 8% rise year on year. With UK news stand increases up by 4.69% year on year. New Woman recorded a total ABC of 281,828, a 3.2% increase period on period, and a 2.0% rise year on year. Elle with a total ABC of 224,355 was up 2.3% period on period, and 6.8% year on year. Red and Woman's Journal sustained the biggest losses in this sector. Red, with a total figure of 155,082, was down 9.5% period on period, and down 14.0% year on year. Woman's Journal, with total sales of 113,719, was down 8.4% period on period, and 14.8% year on year. {{CTN }}