House cleaning to personal hygiene outfit Acdoco is hatching a raft of initiatives to get its brands noticed.

The Bolton-based company has even revealed plans to capitalise on recent research suggesting suncreams, which it does not make, may not be as effective as previously thought.

Although its Glo White Super Whitener laundry aid brand was launched a couple of years ago, the company has so far found it difficult to make much of a boast about the fact it cuts out “over 93.3%” of ultra-violet rays when added to clothing.

However, it now plans to push the claim in the run up to next year’s holiday season. Brand
manager Joanne Kain said: “We are looking at making money available to back the claim.”

Meanwhile, Acodoco is changing its Acdo tablets detergent formula after the company’s research found many users still added fabric conditioner to their wash even though it is already present in many brands.

Acdoco is now removing the clothes softener and replacing packs of 24 tablets with 12 without reducing the number of washes. Rsp is also dropping from £1.99 to 99p.

And the company is to use its aluminium-free deodorant brand Bionsen to tie up with the Wear it Pink Breast Cancer Campaign on October 31.

New research warns that the presence of the metal as an ingredient in antiperspirant could cause breast tumours.

More initiatives for the Bionsen brand are being planned, said a spokesman.
Simon Mowbray