Expert's verdict: 9/10

?A superb product with an elegant, floral nose and a hint of citrus, vanilla and almonds on the palate. The original Glenmorangie has been repackaged with a modern bottle design and a top-quality label, sporting a gold trim front and back. The inscription on the glass endorses the provenance of the famous product, distilled in Tain, Ross-shire since 1843. It oozes quality and I am sure this relaunch will be successful in attracting new users to the single malt category.

John Taylor, head of buying, impulse, MBL

Consumer's verdict: 8/10

?The shape of this bottle is distinctive but it could get lost on shelf because it looks like a bottle of wine. The label looks prestigious and displays messages to support its heritage, such as 'perfected by the sixteen men of Tain'. However, it lacks the finishing touch to give it a strong identity, such as an embossed seal. The taste is smooth and is much as it says on the label: a bit like an orange-flavoured Aero bar with added vanilla. The whisky's pleasant taste, combined with the good reputation of Glenmorangie, is enough to justify this slightly higher than average price tag.

Neil Hook, retired diplomat, Hampshire

A year down the line... Carling C2 Company: Coors Brewers Launch price: between £2.99 and £3.99 for a 500ml 4-pack Today's price: the same Acid test verdict: 4/5

Carling C2 entered the mid-strength lager market last year. It is available in ice-cold draught for the on-trade and in 500ml cans for the off-trade, to which a new pint bottle has also been added. It won three awards for innovation last year, one from Tesco, one from the International Brewing Federation and The Grocer Star Product award.