Naafi has struck a deal with instore bake-off specialist Country Choice to supply all of its outlets across the UK with Bake n' Bite bake-off units. Country Choice is now the preferred supplier to the 175 Naafi stores in the UK, which include family stores outside the wire' and service stores catering exclusively for military personnel. Over 30 sites have been kitted out with a new bake-off unit in the last fortnight, and Naafi is now looking at extending the contract to some of its leisure clubs in the UK and overseas in Cyprus and Germany. Country Choice commercial consultant to Naafi, Alan Symonds, said: "Sales are up at all of these sites." Naafi commercial controller Bob House said supplying Naafi stores represented a logistical challenge in that demand might rocket after exercises and then disappear because of troop movements. Operations manager David Guilder said sales at Naafi stores were up 9% on last year although store standards were mixed and weekly takings ranged from £1,500 to £50,000. The focus for the coming year was improving availability and conducting urgent range reviews to delete slow sellers and ensure every store stocked the top 100 lines. {{NEWS }}