Busy women are being targeted with what is claimed is the first comprehensive range of branded wipes for out-of-home use.
The wipes are being launched next month under the newly-created Halo brand and meet a variety of needs, from household cleaning to personal care. Each handy-sized pack contains ten wipes (rsp: 99p), suitable for use on business trips, family days out, at the gym and on holiday, said brand owner Nice-Pak International. Six products are being launched initially - toilet wipes, hygienic hand wipes, moist toilet tissue, deodorant wipes, self-tan wipes and after-sun wipes - tapping into what it said was a growing regard for hygiene and cleanliness.
Ian Anderson, director of marketing, said the range could swell if it proved a success. Future products were likely to include anything from makeup remover to shoe polish, he said.