Alldays has completed the purchase of its last regional development company in Scotland. The £2.75m deal means all 128 Alldays stores in Scotland are now directly owned and controlled by the parent company. The RDC, West Scotland Convenience Stores, owned 22 stores and reported a trading profit of £430,000 for the nine months to July 30. Alldays has now acquired 28 of the original 32 RDCs, and owns 679 stores, with 74 run by the remaining RDCs. Finance director Stuart Lawson said talks with the remaining four companies were continuing. He hoped more acquisitions would be completed by the time Alldays announces its results at the end of October. However, he said there was no urgency about clinching the deals as the remaining RDCs, one in Anglia and the other three in the West Country, were all profitable. Despite the crippling level of Alldays' debts, Lawson said it was unlikely the company would sell off a chunk of its stores, because this would dilute the efficiency of its central distribution policy. Eleven stores were sold to Yorkshire Co-op last month, but he said this was because they were remote from the distribution centres. {{NEWS }}