Creation of vion leads to the demise of the dutch meat board

In the fall-out from the merger of Dumeco and Hendrix, and the creation of Vion, it was decided that promotional body the Dutch Meat Board should be abolished at the end of this year.

Vion decided that it would prefer to bring its marketing activity in-house. Without the meat giant’s support, the industry-funded Dutch Meat Board’s days were numbered.

Marc van der Lee, Vion head of communications, says: “There was a time when general promotion of Dutch meat was essential. And it has contributed to the position of Dutch meat in the world today, particularly in the UK.

“But we used to have a lot of smaller players in the market. The fact is now that Vion has become very big and it has its own marketing philosophy.

“It is not interested in promoting the products of its competitors.”

The merger of Hendrix and Dumeco was necessary, says van der Lee.

“Big retailers are getting bigger and bigger and we must be able to supply them with the right volumes and quality product to match their expectations.

“We also need to keep our prices on a competitive level. Meat is a global business now, and we want to be number one in the world.”

The new identity is key to the company’s future, he says. “We do not have any short-term ambitions for branding at retail level, but we want Vion to be a name that has 100% recognition at business-to-business level.”