Burton's is bringing out a new Cadbury Animals Bites product and sprucing up the range with updated graphics.
The mini newcomers have chocolate on the inside and animal characters on the outside. A pack of five x 25g bag retails at 99p.
The brand is also running a promotion based on the new Disney film Jungle Book 2, with family holidays to Florida up for grabs.

bathtime fun
Four new variants have joined Lever Fabergé's Dove bath range.
Aimed at different bath occasions' such as a night in with candles and wine or morning ablutions, they will be backed by a £2.5m TV ad campaign.

the colour of love
Wella's Shaders and Toners hair colourant brand is to sponsor a new teen CITV comedy drama Girls in Love.
Based on the books by Jacqueline Wilson, the series is aimed at 11 to 13-year-old girls. It hits screens at the start of next month.

missing m
Masterfoods has launched a Lost M' promotion offering a £50,000 cash prize.
Backed by a £3.2m media spend and sampling, the competition is based on the idea that the Red and Yellow brand characters have lost an M' from their shells.
The missing letter can be found on the inside of winning packets.

for real drinkers
Crisp brand the Real McCoy's has linked up with men's magazine FHM to sponsor its FHM Arms' pub pages until the end of the year.
A dual branded national pub quiz is also planned.
The brand returns to TV screens this month with a burst of its Bag of Best themed ad campaign ­ part of this year's £3m spend.