Archers is reviewing the ‘Come out to play’ theme used in its advertising as it looks for a more sophisticated positioning.

The schnapps brand is undergoing its second marketing overhaul in a year after Diageo ditched the fresh-faced Archers Girl in favour of a glamorous drag queen last August. New ads are being developed for a pre-Christmas push to move the parent brand as well as the Archers Aqua RTD offering on to “the next level”. Diageo has also invested £1m in an outdoor poster push for Archers Aqua from now until October.

Paul Flanagan, Diageo’s commercial PR manager, said: “The posters aim to emphasise the sparkling bursts of fruit flavour in Archers Aqua. Later in the year, a new TV campaign will be focusing on the brand’s sassy positioning.”

The investment is part of a £10m marketing budget for Archers this year.

Meanwhile, Diageo has ploughed £500,000 into an outdoor poster campaign to raise awareness of Smirnoff Ice’s move into cans, with three executions nationally until mid-August.