I hate the smell of bleach, so the fact that Ox lacked a pungent bleach aroma was attractive. The smell is actually lemony. The packaging is a plus, too ­ the matt silver with blue bubbles would catch my eye in the supermarket, although I thought that the red lid was a bit out of sync with the rest of the bottle. I don't use bleach very often, partly because of my three-year-old son's propensity to drink cleaning fluids, partly because of the smell and partly because it's almost scarily powerful. I do buy it for cleaning the tea stains from my sink and occasionally for cold bleaching white linen and tea towels. Unfortunately, Ox's instructions recommend normal bleach for cold bleaching and when I poured it on the tea-stained sink drainer, it didn't do as good a job as the very cheap brand I normally buy. Ox's major selling point for me is that if you splash it on yourself, which, being extremely clumsy, I occasionally do, it won't take the colour out of your clothing. I tried splashing it on an old previously bleach-stained T-shirt and the colour stayed exactly as before, so the claim is true as far as I can tell. However, it is also probably why it didn't remove the tea stains; it's too gentle. As someone who normally buys the cheapest brand of bleach possible and uses it only minimally, the fact that this bleach costs 20% more than normal' bleach would probably put me off. Ox does have some attractions, though, such as the smell and its kindness to clothing, but it does not do what I want a bleach to do effectively, so I cannot imagine buying it regularly. I suppose I will just have to learn to be more careful, or wear an apron. {{P&P }}