Big D peanuts is aiming to celebrate its 30th anniversary with a renaissance in the grocery market.
Brand owner Trigon Snacks is resurrecting the brand's cheeky 1970s initiative, which featured a bikini-clad babe on backing cards. As the bags of peanuts were bought and taken off the card, more of the girl was revealed.
The new campaign, which features the risqué strapline You can't lick em', is fronted by glamour model Ruth, who has also appeared on The Sun's Page 3.
BigD has continued to sell in the on-trade but has all but disappeared from grocery shelves.
A PR campaign will focus on key lads' titles with the aim of boosting the brand's profile to its target market, 18 to 35-year old men.
A spokesman said the activity would rekindle warm memories for the over 30s, while also appealing to a younger audience.

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