Defra will close 57 of the 82 food and agriculture-related websites it currently manages by April next year, but plans to keep a domain related to Beefy and Lamby.

The cull was announced by Defra minister Richard Benyon in a written answer to the House of Commons at the end of June. Websites affected include those managed by Defra as well as those maintained by non-departmental agencies.

The domain, which supported the campaign featuring cricketers Ian Botham and Allan Lamb, will remain in place beyond April 2011.

Mo Fisher, marketing communications manager of Eblex, said although the Beefy and Lamby campaign had ended in 2008, the website was still attracting traffic and about 1,000 people had searched online for the phrase 'Beefy and Lamby' so far this year. Traffic to the URL was currently redirected to a different Eblex website at "minimal" cost.