It turns out Cadbury's much-hyped entry into the UK chewing gum market has coincided with hot debate about another Trident - the UK's nuclear weapons system. 'From church leaders to actors, a bid to stop Trident', ran a headline in last week's The Independent. I didn't know gum chewing could cause such offence.

Good old Unilever. We launch Weigh It Up!, a campaign against the crazy Ofcom ban that outlaws the advertising of Marmite to children; we get support from Paul Hartley, author of the Marmite Cookbook; and how do they thank us? By launching a less than child-friendly limited edition Guinness Marmite. Yes we know it doesn't contain alcohol, but the fact the packaging has been made to look like a pint of Guinness suggests it's hardly kids stuff. That's gratitude for you.

The efforts of Dave Nunley also don't help. According to The Sun,

the panel-beater eats virtually nothing but cheese. At 6ft 1 he is a healthy 14 stone but experts have warned his daily cheese intake, which is triple the recommended amount, could do long-term damage. 'Who eats 100g of cheese in one sitting?' we asked in our campaign two weeks ago. Dave Nunley, that's who.

You probably thought the tomato world couldn't get any more exciting than the Strawmato - the strawberry-shaped cherry tomato launched in 2005 and sold exclusively in M&S. But now the Tomatoberry is on its way. Billed as 'totally different' from its predecessor, the Tomatoberry is, er, a cherry tomato that looks like everybody's favourite summer fruit. And just to ring the differences fully, it will also be available only in M&S. Can't these green-fingered horticulturalists come up with something a bit more original?

How about a cherry tomato that tastes of cherries?