Wild horses wouldn't persuade me to reveal the name of the well known UK supermarket executive that I spotted snoozing on a bench at Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport on Saturday evening. He was there at 5pm when I flew in and still snoring away on the same bench two hours later when I walked on to a connecting flight to Heathrow. Even more puzzling, by his side, next to a smart overnight case,lay a bulging carrier bag bearing the colourful logo and sales message of a competitor chain. Strange... On into the heart of the big city for Cadbury Schweppes' St Valentine's Day preliminary results presentation. The sight of a harrassed office worker trying to squeeze an oversized pink teddy bear into a taxi set the tone en route. Cadbury Schweppes chief exec John Sunderland proved he had a soft centre as well as a hard nose after wowing the press pack with quite an impressive set of figures. When asked if he had planned to release the results on St Valentine's Day, he said it was a happy co-incidence, before committing to do all he could to make sure it happens again next year. Becoming carried away with the sheer beauty of it all, he declared he "still felt there was no finer expression of romantic love than giving someone a box of Milk Tray". And when the time came for tearful farewells, those sentimental souls at Cadbury Schweppes gave us all unwieldy boxed chocolate hearts to remember it by. Wish I'd bought a bag, muttered a departing hack. {{COUNTERPOINT }}