Household cleaners is one of the least frequently bought categories we have studied, with just over half of shoppers saying they buy once a month or less.
The packs last for about a month, according to the shoppers, and the majority bought two items.
Nearly one-fifth of the shoppers were prompted to buy when they walked down the aisle and saw the display. The remaining shoppers had intended to buy a household cleaner when they came into the store.
Branded products dominate the category, with 78% making a purchase that was a brand.
While we were in store we observed an offer on one branded product that was not working to anyone’s benefit.
While the item was out of stock on the display shelves it was featured on a gondola end, but the majority of the shoppers in the category were failing to see the gondola end.
Shoppers say they are open to persuasion on which brand to buy when they are face to face with the display because only 46% always buy the same brand. This demonstrates that offers are key to trial.
However, offers may well turn out to be a one-off purchase unless the product outperforms existing brands in shoppers’ repertoires.
When we asked what would make shoppers try a new brand, recommendations and offers appeared to be the two key influencers.
Nearly 60% of those questioned said they would change their brand if there was an offer, but one fifth said they were content with the brands they used and nothing would persuade them to change. Free samples were mentioned by 13%. Aroma was important to some shoppers who were seen to be opening products and smelling them. Perhaps a fragrance tester would go down well in this store fixture.
Shoppers use the display to look at new and different products and are sometimes motivated to do so because they have a specific cleaning problem they want to resolve.
Descriptors on the front of packs are important in this category and the main source of information for the shopper.
A few of the shoppers said the word “new” caught their eye because they thought the product might work better than the old version.
Given the tasks associated with these products, shoppers are keen to find “the wonder product”, as one lady described it, which would make their lives easier. Therefore they are prepared to invest a little time at the display to check that a new product hadn’t been launched since the time they made their last purchase.
Shoppers were positive in their comments about the display and range offered to them by the manufacturers and the stores.
Nearly half said there was a good choice while 26% said it was fine.
However, only 6% said they found it easy to find items. The majority said that the lack of clear segmentation hindered them understanding where they could locate the products they were interested in.
If there is no supporting point of purchase material with the relevant information, then the descriptors on pack - especially on the front of pack - are key to drawing the shoppers into a new product.